Elevate Your Business Communication with Microsoft Teams Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams Calling

One platform for voice,
video, and Office 365

Military-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Pay-as-you-grow with global reach.

Unified Communications

Why Choose Microsoft Teams Phone System

Looking for a modern, secure, and efficient phone system for your business? Microsoft Teams Phone Systems provide an all-in-one communication solution that will revolutionize the way your team collaborates. Read on to find out why more businesses are making the switch.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Eliminate the need for separate voice and video solutions, reducing overhead.
  • Streamlined Workflows: No more app-switching; manage all your communication from one platform.
  • Optimal Uptime: Benefit from Microsoft’s reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring your system is always available.
  • Advanced Analytics: Get real-time insights into call performance, user engagement, and more.
Simple Migration from Existing Telephony

4 Steps to Migrate organisations to a modern, Unified Communication system

Step 1: Assess Current Infrastructure

Evaluate your existing phone system to identify hardware and software that can be repurposed or phased out. Conduct a network readiness assessment to ensure your existing infrastructure can support Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: Plan and Design

Work closely with synfo to design a migration plan. Consider the number of users, the features you'll need, and how existing phone numbers will be transferred.

Step 3: Pilot Testing

When transitioning to a modern Teams phone system, pilot testing is an imperative phase that ensures a smooth and seamless migration. This step involves selecting a representative group of users from various departments or roles to test the functionality, reliability, and performance of the new phone system in real-world conditions.

Step 4: Implementation

After successful pilot testing, begin the full migration process as outlined in your migration plan. Monitor the system closely during the initial phase to ensure all features are operational and secure.

An Audit Is Where IT All Starts

Businesses should consistently assess their IT infrastructure to ensure the operating environment is secure and efficient.

Every complimentary audit includes
A review of your current IT infrastructure.
Recommendations to improve yout IT infrastructure and the costs aligned.
A consultation with our solutions expert, answering any questions that may arise.

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