Ensure a robust evaluation of your environment's security posture.

Network Penetration Testing

Backed by OSCP and OSCE certified consultants.

We take a proactive approach - stay ahead of evolving threats.

Real-world attack scenarios to ensure a robust environment.

Uncover Vulnerabilities, Fortify Networks

Penetration Testing to Identify & Purposely Exploit Vulnerabilities, determining your network security posture

synfo’s penetration test looks for sensitive data, performs exploits, conducts man-in-the-middle attacks, crack password hashes, escalates privileges on the network, and even impersonates users to find sensitive data.

It goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities by actually exploiting them to demonstrate what happens if an attacker got access to the network. These vulnerabilities are listed in a detailed report, stored securely and is automatically purged after 60 days.

Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Testing

A vulnerability assessment does not attempt to exploit weaknesses to determine the potential impact of a breach. synfo Penetration Testing suite is able to perform exploitation and post-exploitation techniques to demonstrate to customers how successfully exploiting vulnerability could potentially lead to further access to systems and/or confidential data leakage within their environment.

Secure with Confidence

Four Components of a world class network Penetration test

Comprehensive Planning and Scoping

Effective network penetration tests begin with detailed planning to understand the client's needs and define the test scope. This stage focuses on identifying critical assets for a targeted and efficient assessment, ensuring the test aligns with the organization's specific security requirements.

Advanced Testing Techniques and Tools

World-class tests utilize a blend of sophisticated techniques and the latest tools. This combination of automated and manual approaches, including ethical hacking, helps in thoroughly identifying both common and obscure vulnerabilities in the network.

Real-World Attack Simulation

Simulating real-world attacks is crucial. This involves mimicking the tactics of actual attackers to assess the network's ability to withstand various external and internal threats, offering insights into its overall resilience.

Detailed Reporting and Actionable Recommendations

A top-tier test culminates in a detailed report that not only outlines vulnerabilities but also provides prioritized, actionable steps for remediation. This report is essential for guiding the organization in strengthening its defenses against future security threats.

An Audit Is Where IT All Starts

Businesses should consistently assess their IT infrastructure to ensure the operating environment is secure and efficient.

Every complimentary audit includes
A review of your current IT infrastructure.
Recommendations to improve yout IT infrastructure and the costs aligned.
A consultation with our solutions expert, answering any questions that may arise.

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